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Veronica Hernandez

Spiritual Counselor and Shamanic Practitioner

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious" - C.G. Jung 

How do we remain vital, creative, and playful in a world that sometimes seems to demand we give up these very qualities in order to fit in and succeed?  How can we remain connected to the depths while living and working in the world?  How can we stay in touch with, or find and retrieve those parts of our fragmented selves that are essential to being whole and joyful?

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I work in the fields of spiritual counseling, shamanic healing, and the arts.  My practice draws on the Shipibo and wider Andean traditions of Peruvian shamanism, Jungian theory and eco-therapy practices. 


The traditions I work with define health as a state of balance between spirit, soul, and body, where the sacred, the psyche, and the physical dimensions of the individual are harmonized through consciously engaging in practices that can help connect us to the natural world in a way that evokes its sacredness.


“If shamanic cure involves ecstasy, it is precisely because illness is regarded as a corruption or alienation of the soul” —Mircea Eliade

Veronica Hernandez received her degree and license in clinical psychology in Peru. She works as a spiritual counselor and shamanic practitioner in the U.S.  She received her clinical training at the Institute of Rational-Emotive Therapy, New York, under the supervision of Dr. Albert Ellis. She was assistant professor at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia and research assistant at the Hospital Psiquiátrico Noguchi de Lima (Peru). In the United States, she worked as a Social Services Clinician at John Muir Health Hospital’s Inpatient Psychiatric Adolescent Unit, California. Currently she is completing her doctoral degree at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), San Francisco, where she is carrying out research on the healing and transformative benefits of entheogens, especially Ayahuasca.


Our culture, with its emphasis on consumerism and constant outer activity is directly implicated in our collective loss of connection to the sacred.  Healing comes through slowing down, taking a deliberate and conscious approach to our inner world, contacting those parts of ourselves that have been either damaged or neglected, and reintegrating them holistically.  In this way, the path to healing can be conceived as an initiatory act of reclamation of our neglected, lost, or scattered parts.


“But how can I attain the knowledge of the heart? You can attain the knowledge only by living your life to the full” —C. G. Jung

Spiritual Counseling 

Individuals and Group Sessions

Plant Medicine & Psychedelic Integration

Individuals and Group Sessions


Individuals and Group Sessions


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“Working with Veronica has helped me to learn to love myself better and has opened me up to the worlds within myself. She constantly challenges me to be honest with my heart's true calling and always truthfully says what I need to hear (even if I don't like it). Veronica's intuition is so amazing and precise and I always leave each journey and integration session feeling like I know more about who I am and what my path is.”      
~Christina E.

“I was at the crossroads trying to redefine the meaning of my life but, repeatedly kept coming up with the same blocks. Unenchanted with the same mind based psychotherapy, friends provided me Veronica’s information as she was highly regarded and had a holistic practice.

She was able to get to root of my issues through her intuitive ways. She saw things that I was not always able to see myself, recognized the issue, and helped me feel my way through it. She then provided me tools to work with so I could release and recognize them as lessons. After our healing ceremonies, she would check in with me before, during and weeks after, to ensure that integration was taking place.


Working with Veronica for two years has helped to catapult me into a whole new level of consciousness, understanding and clarity. I have experienced a couple of other shamanic practitioners and found that Veronica’s approach resonates with me in a way that is incomparable. I have referred her to other friends who are ready to do the work and finally find the solutions.”     ~ A. Johnson

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